Project Reveal: Client Story, Fun, Sage Green Kids Playroom

From an Unused bedroom to a space loved by kids!

Hi Friends! Today we’re sharing this fun, sage green kids playroom for a repeat client that wanted a calming, neutral space for their boys to play and do homework. We converted an un-used bedroom into a space loved by the kids! Make sure to scroll to the end to see the Before and After pictures!

Sage Green Playroom
Fun Sage Green Playroom

Client Profile

Service: Premium E-Design

Busy family of four with a beautiful home in Alexandria, VA that was feeling uninspired and not up to its full potential. The family struggled with what to do with heirloom family pieces that made the spaces feel a bit like a hodge podge.

The process really helped the family get outside their comfort zone and make better use of their space.

Design Process

Inspiration Board:

We started with an Inspiration Board highlighting different types of light and airy, colorful playrooms. This space was important since their two sons would be spending a lot of time here doing homework, reading, and building Legos!

Interior Design Inspiration

When approaching Space Planning, creating zones within an open room can be very helpful to help with the overall flow and use of the space. In this case, we created a ‘homework’ zone with the two desks on the wall with floating shelves for storage.

A kid table and chairs for puzzles, legos, and crafts on the other side give the kids additional surface space to work together, and a big floor pillow gives them a cozy reading nook.

And we decided to add some color to the walls!

Floor Plans:

Design Concepts

Concept One

We always present two concepts to our clients, this way we can get a better idea of what they really like by giving some variety, and narrowing down what they like.

The first concept starts with a yellow accent wall, which adds a fun pop of color to a pretty neutral design. We knew the client loved blues, so we added some varying shades to add a nice contrast to the yellow.

Concept Two

The second concept is brings in sage green and blue tones to this kids playroom. The accent wall for this concept was a nice sage green, Coastal Plain by Sherwin Williams. We added some fun elements like oversized floor pillows and graphics.

Final Design:

After presenting the two concepts, we wait for feedback and make any final tweaks. For this project, the client loved the Concept Two entirely and had minor changes!

Final Design Concept

We also created some technical drawings to help assist them or their contractor with hanging up the shelving above the desk.


For this project, our client added on the execution and installation of the design by our team, from bringing in the painters to placing all furniture and hanging all art and curtains with our handyman!  The result: A fun and organized playroom that the kids love!

Before and After


This room was an unused guest bedroom with no functionality or style.


Sage Green Playroom
Fun and Functional Interior Design

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