*Each room is $97.
*Open concepts are subject to additional fees. Please contact for additional information.  
*With E-Design there is always a slight chance measurements could be off, therefore everything should be confirmed prior to ordering.

Space Planning

Take the guesswork out of furniture arranging. Find the best layout for your space, either with your existing furniture or new furniture.  We'll help you with space planning, proportion and scale.


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space planning

Step 1: Getting to Know You
Submit payment.  Then add your room dimensions.  See Measurement Guide below for instructions. You'll also send dimensions of appliances, furniture or other items you want to use in the space. Additionally submit photos of the room and pieces of furniture you'd like to include.

 Step 2: Floorplan Layout
We will compile 1-2 new floor plan options for you that include your existing furniture or new pieces (this plan will give ideal dimensions for new furniture). 

Step 3: Final Tweaks 
Review the floorplan and give us feedback on any changes needed.  Then we'll send the final floor plan with installation guide.

How it works: