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E-Design (aka online interior design) is a completely virtual way to design a room. No in-person meetings are needed.    We design, you buy and install.  Whether you have an empty room, a few key pieces or simply want to add finishing touches,  e-design services can provide you with a plan to put it all together so you can relax (or do a happy dance!) in your transformed space.

E-Design works best for individuals who don't mind doing some DIY to put their rooms together.   Do any of the following apply to you?  If so, E-Design is a good fit.
    I've am able to execute a Design Plan if you tell me what to buy, where it goes and how to do it.
    I am open to ideas and can make decisions quickly with some guidance when it comes to interior design.
    I've been working on my room for a while and feel stuck.  I need a push in the right direction so that I can get it DONE!

We have a range of services with flexible options to suit your design needs.  We have transparent pricing listed on our services page and fixed price packages so you know what to expect.

Absolutely.  We are budget conscious and will guide you to help establish a realistic budget to bring your vision to life.  We encourage you to take some time to think about your budget, not just for furniture and decor but also for the design services. It is common to underestimate budget needs for a complete room.   Remember that when furnishing a space, you are adding pieces that you will have for 5, 10 or more years, it's a great investment that will result in a much more functional and thriving space for your home.

In addition to design services, we offer ordering and shipping services as well as installation.  With ordering and shipping, you save yourself the headache and logistics of tracking orders, and managing packages as they arrive.  For installation services, we will coordinate a team either on-site or via phone/email to complete your installation, setting up art, curtains, building furniture, furniture arrangement and more.  You can book these along with your e-design package or add this on after the design is complete. Note: The pricing noted for these services includes the project management fee only, not the additional shipping/freight or handyman services.

For locals in the DC and Northern VA area, you can schedule an in-person consultation to kick off your e-design service.  The in-person consultation includes a 90 minute walk through of your home to discuss areas that need updates and recommendations.  We will also discuss the scope of the project and take measurements of your space.

full room e-design package

Which service is best for me?


Which service is best for me?

-You need a complete redesign of one room whether you’re starting from scratch or are keeping some furniture.
-You need paint/wallpaper recommendations and window treatments.  
-You'll be updating one room at a time.
-You want to be able to visualize your space with a floor plan and 2D+ Render.
-Full Room Packages can be used for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, offices and more.
-Note: For open concepts or large spaces, add the Open Concept/Large Room Add On to your cart.  Not sure if you need this? Contact us and we'll be happy to help!

-You have 3 or more rooms to furnish (we work on two at a time).
-You want discounts on additional rooms ($100 off each additional room after 3)
-You want to discuss the overall style/vibe of your home as a whole.  We'll kick off with a 45 minute call to discuss your vision, needs and wants for the home.
-You need help figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of.
-You need extra communication hours and support (you get 4 weeks to replace out of stock products, 45 day support for questions)

-You have many ideas and need help narrowing down for a quick design plan to move forward with.
-You want to collaborate on up to 5 topics to help you make decisions on your design project.
-You don't need a shopping list of exact products or renders.  Note: These can be added after discussing your project needs.

-If you have all the furniture in place, but are missing a designer's eye on the finishing touches to create a cohesive look, this package is for you.
-You want a room to feel more finished by adding rugs, art pieces, curtains and decor pieces.
-You don't need a room render to visualize the design concept.
-Room Styling can be used for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, offices and more.
-For Open Concept spaces, we recommend booking the Full Room Design service with the Open Concept Add On.
-Need paint/wallpaper recommendations?  Select the Full Room Design service.

-You need help rearranging your existing furniture or finding the most functional layout for new pieces in order to move forward.
-You are looking to purchase new furniture and want to see if the dimensions will work well in your space.
-You are considering two different layout options and want help visualizing them.

-You need to add some design and function to a small area in your home.
-You don't need a room render.  You can add a render for $97.
-Mini Design packages can be used for entryways, hallways, small office coves, crib areas and other mini spaces.

-You have tall bookcases, wall shelves or another surface area that needs decor pieces for styling such as books, vases, art, frames, decorative items and more.
-You want to receive a shopping list and concept board of the exact items to add to each shelf and guidance on how to style the area.
-Note: Add this package to your Full Room or New Home/Moving package for surface areas that need detailed styling.  This package can also be used for personalized gallery walls.

-You want to save yourself the headache and logistics of tracking orders, and managing packages as they arrive.
-You want a "Done for You" service where you just handle the finishing touches for the room.
-You struggle with making decisions or are very busy and don't want to have to worry about sourcing any out of stock products or returns.

-You want to save yourself the headache and hard work on building your own furniture, hanging shelves, art, etc.
-You want a "Done for You" service so you can finally relax in your new space.
-You need an extra set of hands (or 4!) to help bring your new space to life.

-You prefer to get started on a project by meeting with us in your home to discuss your project goals.
-You would like to get advice on various areas of your home.  We'll walk and talk while recommending tips for your home.
-You want to discuss the full scope of the project in advance and have a designer take measurements of your space.
-You live in DC or Northern VA and can be available on Monday-Friday 9-5pm or Saturdays (11-3pm) by appt.
-Virtual consultations are available as well for locals and nationwide.  Book the Designer Advice call.

Every project has two rounds for revisions.  The first is after the delivery of the concept and the second round are final tweaks after the final design is presented, you can ask for up to 3 new pieces of furniture if needed after the final design.   Would you like to see additional changes or options?  No problem!   You can purchase an additional round of revisions for $45 each.

Our design process for one room usually takes two weeks from start to finish per room once we have received your questionnaire, room measurements and any details we'll need to create your design.  Note: The timeline is dependent on timely feedback.  Any delays in feedback or decisions could extend the project timeline.  Take your time with the questionnaire and room measurements, as new information presented after the design concept begins could extend the timeline.

Take a look at our Pinterest Design Style boards!  Find these under the Resources Page > Design Inspiration.  We have curated design ideas for many different styles.  You can send us the links or create a Pinterest board for the room you're working on and add those ideas for us to review together.

The best way to reach out before a project is through email or via online form on our Contact page.  Once your project has started, your online dashboard is the best place for communication so everything stays in one place.  We respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.  Weekend appointments can be scheduled in advance if needed.

We source products from a wide variety of places including online stores, wholesale companies, local stores and can also help you source unique products from Etsy, or artists. We recommend products based on our experience with that brand/product and customer reviews.  We consider quality, durability, budget, client’s lifestyles, etc. when sourcing products.

Absolutely!  We include every product you'll need to set up your room down to the rug pads, pillow inserts, wall hooks, live or faux plants, etc.  Note: While we source art and some decor pieces for your designs, if you're looking to style a built-in shelf, floating shelves or a personalized gallery wall with new products, add the Virtual Styling package to your cart.

Use the design and installation guide to place each product in the correct spot in the room.  For art, curtains and other wall products, the installation guide includes instructions on placement.

Yes, we work closely with a contractor for renovation projects on a case by case basis.  Projects can include built in cabinets, kitchen updates, bathroom updates, laundry rooms, mudrooms, removing walls and more.  Our scope does not include full home remodeling at this time.

Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations! If throughout any part of the project, you are not satisfied with a deliverable, please communicate  through email, phone or through the dashboard and we will make sure to make it right! 

In the case that you decide to terminate our agreement, please email us written notice of the reason to  We will schedule a phone call to discuss.  Cristina Isabel Design will be entitled to payment for all the time invested to that point and any outstanding products purchased.