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Design aficionado inspired by travel, culture, patterns, and more, I believe life's too short to live in space you don't love. That’s why I created CID, to empower people to think outside the box, and try new things.

I love helping families and busy professionals upgrade their spaces with quality furniture and modern, fun designs so they can truly love their homes!

I speak Spanglish at home, studied French for 8 years (and lived in Paris for a bit in college)

I love adventures and good wine!

I live in Northern Virginia with my husband Carlos, son Javier, and two very hyper mini schnauzer pups Rocky and Max so I know a thing or two about designing a beautiful but functional home.

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Founder and Lead Designer at Cristina Isabel Design

A  few  fun  facts:

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Nicki Lockwood

interior designer

Nayrim Mercado

purchasing + Account manager

Nicki was born and raised in England and currently resides in southern Spain.  She is an experienced designer and previously worked as a designer at Ikea!  She enjoys working with color, pattern and textiles and her favorite styles are modern Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and modern glamour spaces. 

Fun Facts:
  • Fave Music: 80s!
  • Fave Drinks: Coffee, Mojito, Wine
  • Fave Activities: Playing/watching tennis & trying new restaurants
Nayrim was born and raised in Puerto Rico and currently resides in Virginia.  She has a masters in accounting but her true love is Purchasing, which she previously did for several mid to large corporations.  Her favorite design styles are Contemporary and Classic with a touch of glam.

Fun Facts:
  • Fave Music: Soft Rock & Jazz
  • Fave Drinks: Wine & Mojitos
  • Fave Activities: Relaxing at the beach & spending time with grandkids!

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We create Modern, Colorful Designs with a twist!  If you want a team that will push you outside your design comfort zone, we're the team for you!

We enjoy mixing design styles to create a space that is unique to you, incorporating color, textures and fun patterns. We believe good design is simple yet impactful and definitely life-changing!

Whether we work together via virtual design, which is accessible to anyone anywhere (nationwide!) or in-person services, our team will be with you every step of the way so you can get your dream space done and finally thrive at home!

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