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How it Works

-You can book a complimentary Discovery call on our contact page prior to booking. 
-After booking, you will receive your Contract as well as Onboarding Details including project start date and timeline.
-Your project is added into our Team Calendar.  

Step 2: Getting Started

Step 3: Design + Review Call

-The fun begins! We get to work on your designs.
-We schedule the Design Review call to go over your designs and products in details.
-We get your feedback and then start on revisions.

Damaged Products
Your Design Team will work with vendors to troubleshoot any damaged products before they are delivered.

Weekly Product Tracker
Your Design Team sends weekly email with updates on your products as well as to coordinate your deliveries.

Step 4: Final Design Deliverables

Project Support

Step 1: Select your Room Type and Add to Cart

-The week before your start date, we review your Onboarding materials.  If anything is missing we'll reach out. 
-On the first week of your project, we'll have our Video Consultation call, then we start working on your floor plan as well as  sent you the Inspiration Board for feedback  by the second day of your project.

-We send over your final Design and Products for your review.
-You can let us know if there's any small tweaks to be made, otherwise, if all looks good, we'll move to the next step!

Step 5: Orders & Tracking

-Once you approve the Final Design, we'll send over the Product Invoice.  You can pay in one payment or two 50% payments.  Once payment is made, we place your orders!  
-Then you'll start receiving weekly emails from us regarding your furniture updates.

Step 6: Delivery Time!
Optional: Installation Day

-Once the majority of your items have arrived, we'll start planning the Delivery Day of all your products. 
-If you choose to add on Installation, then our Design Team and handyman will be on site on the day of delivery to coordinate everything, hang your shelving, art, lighting, etc and style everything beautifully into place so you can come home and relax!

Customize Your
Premium Package!

Choose one or more of these Add Ons to Customize your Premium E-Design Project!

REFUND POLICY: Due to the digital nature of this service, e-design services are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please notify Cristina Isabel Design within 24 hours of purchasing your Premium E-Design if you would like to request a refund. Each refund request will be considered on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed.

COMMUNICATION + SCHEDULE: Client agrees to correspond in a timely manner to keep project on track. The Premium E-Design process takes approximately 4 weeks per room with timely feedback, followed by the purchasing process.

REVISIONS: Each room design includes two revisions after you've provided feedback to your Designer. 

Should you need a redesign of the project after the Final Deliverables, see Design Do-Over below.

Premium edesign Terms & Conditions

Design Do-Over

Project Holds

While the majority of our clients are very happy with their designs through our design process, if you realize a few weeks after the project that you want to go a different direction with your space, please reach out! We will schedule a Design Clarity call and then embark on a Do-Over. The Design Do-Over fee will accommodate your project in our design schedule and account for additional design time.  Any product ordered will not be cancelled, but can be incorporated into the new design.

Design Do-Over: Includes 1 hour Design Clarity call + New Design $500

Premium E-Design projects can be placed on hold for up to 14 calendar days with advance notice.  If client hasn’t responded for up to 14 days, project is automatically placed on hold. After 14 days, there is a $50 restart fee.

Where can you deliver?
Currently Premium E-Design is available in the Washington, DC metropolitan area including Northern Virginia and Maryland. Furniture arrives at your local warehouse and delivery is coordinated to your home once all items have arrived. Note: Due to supply chain delays, sometimes we do two or three partial deliveries.

Is there a minimum amount of money I have to spend on furniture?
The average furniture and materials spend for Premium E-Design is 6,000-15,000. The minimum recommended per room is $5000. Depending on room size and needs, we can discuss further on a call prior to booking your service.

If you’re budget is tight, the E-Design option might be a better fit for you.

How long does it take for my furniture to arrive?
Custom furniture can take about 2-4 months. Stocked furniture about a month (between delivery to warehouse and delivery to them), but our goal is to deliver everything at once if possible. Timelines are subject to change.

Can I do my own ordering?
To order on your own time, choose our E-Design service which provides you with a Design Concept and Shopping list from our Shop. You can shop on your own time and set things up on your own.  

What is not included in the Premium E-Design service?
  • There are no in-person visits, although a kick-off consultation can be added for an additional cost (currently only in the Washington, DC metro area).
  • Contractor Management
  • Renovations
  • Installation of art, décor and accessories but you can add this on.
  • Looking for a more comprehensive service? Select the Full Service option!