Just for Fun Fridays: Color Blocking and more

Hi Friends! Happy Friday and welcome to the newest Just for Fun Fridays post and the second “A little something something…” series where I share

5 little somethings with links to share!

1. Something I’m eyeing:

Color blocking in rooms. Have you guys seen this trend? I saw the picture below a few weeks ago on Domino’s IG and I was like whoa! It stayed on my mind for a few days. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of other fun rooms that use the color blocking “method”. It’s fun, it’s playful, it’s different and I love it! It’s definitely not for everyone but definitely something that could be fun in a powder room or guest bedroom to change things up. What do you think? Would you try it?

Here’s another way color blocking is done so well and helps add some definition and interest to an otherwise white canvas. If you’re not ready to go all out with color blocking, I love these color blocked curtains to add a small hint of it for fun. In general, I have color on my mind and will definitely will be adding more color to my house moving forward!

2. Something I’m excited about:

My new snake plant! I am dabbling into having more plants in my home. I can’t call myself a plant lady yet, but I do have aspirations to have more green in my home. Not just for the great benefits plants have with cleaning the air and stuff, but also for the organic shapes plants introduce into a home and for the beautiful color. That said, I already over-watered it… woops! All the water immediately came out the bottom and then I was like oh I should google how to care for this plant. Turns out it doesn’t need a lot of water so I just need to leave it alone. I can do that!

3. Something that makes me happy:

Yoga Studio‘s Hip Hop Yoga and Tone It Up’s updated workout app. I’m getting back into fitness after wayyy too long. Too long for me means the months after I had Javi I haven’t been as active as I’ve wanted to and it’s time to change that! I love dancing and yoga and I recently saw that my favorite yoga app, Yoga Studio, has a new Hip Hop Yoga series. It’s so fun and more challenging than you would think! Additionally, my fave ladies at Tone It Up have updated their workout app and I love it. I’m doing the 14 day slay program and it’s been keeping me motivated.

4. Something that I’m reading:

The Chillpreneur. I did some co-working this week with a group of ladies from the DC Fempreneur group. One of them mentioned this book and I immediately downloaded it on my Kindle when I got home. I started it and am already getting so much useful knowledge out of it, especially as a first time business owner, it’s helping me reduce some of the anxiety that comes with starting a business. It would definitely be a good book to read if you’re considering any kind of business or side hustle in the future.

5. Something I created:

My husband and I just celebrated our 9 year anniversary since our first date! Crazy! Since we don’t have space for a dedicated man cave in our small home, I decided to make him a virtual man cave just for fun! It’s industrial, it’s sophisticated, but it’s also set up for gaming, foosball and other fun activities. Check it out here and check out the links to shop some of the industrial pieces!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your weekend!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means Cristina Isabel Design earns a small commission from your purchase at no cost to you.

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