2019 Gift Guide: Gifts for Home – Under $25

under $25 gifts for home

Hi Friends! I’m excited to share our first gift guides for 2019! These first set of gifts are great for the home and we have a lot of these so I can vouch for them and some I’ve been eyeing. Here is the list of under $25 items:

  1. Wine Tumblers – set of 2 – 17.99: I have several of these at home and to be honest, I prefer to drink hot liquids like coffee or tea in them since I’m very slow at drinking these and they keep them warm for 3-4 hours. But we have also used these to drink wine and water and it keeps it cold for hours. The size of these is perfect, not too big.
  2. Acacia Wood Cheese board – 19.95: Acacia wood is not only beautiful but durable. You can choose to use one side as an extra cutting board for small produce like apples or veggies and the other side as a cheese or charcuterie board for get togethers, so you can use this often.
  3. Modern black frame – 14.44: Frames are super versatile and one of my favorite gifts to give. I try to insert pictures that are meaningful to the recipient of the gift and if it’s already framed, all they have to do is find a nice spot for it :).
  4. Small Mid-century planter – 18.47: This planter will add a beautiful clean pattern to any room and will go with many different styles, from modern to elegant and classic. This will pair well with the snake plant. Just make sure you check the size of the plant against the size of the planter.
  5. Live Snake Plant – 19.99: For anyone wanting to start adding easy to care for plants or some greenery, the snake plant is a great choice. It does not need to be watered often and is pretty sturdy. We just got one of these and it adds beautiful color and dimension to our living room.
  6. Pour over coffee mug – 19.99: Any fellow pour over fanatics out there?? *Insert raise hand here* 😛 Carlos and I love pour overs and we have a great pour over coffee maker that is sadly out of stock right now, otherwise, I would recommend it. This coffee mug is great for a quick cup of coffee to make if you need to head out quickly or if you don’t want to make coffee for 10 people but still want that pour over method.
  7. Electronic wine opener – 19.99: Guys, this one is pretty awesome. I personally always liked the traditional ways of opening wine, I felt fancy like a sommelier. BUT we got an electric wine opener and there’s no more struggle and I was like, why doesn’t everyone have this?? Great gift for a wine lover.
  8. Glass Teapot with Strainer – 24.99: This one is perfect for loose leaf tea lovers. And I love that you can make a whole pot to share with your friends and family when they come over or you can just shamelessly drink tea all afternoon while reading your favorite book, working on that tedious computer task or sipping while watching Netflix.

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