Our 9 Favorite Kids Bedroom Designs

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We’ve designed quite a few kids’ bedrooms over the years and they are some of our favorite spaces to design. Today, we’re sharing 9 of our favorite kids bedroom designs and a few reasons why it’s a great idea to update your kids spaces.  While it can seem impractical to some (my kids are too messy or what if they grow up and don’t like it?), there are some great benefits to putting the effort and investment into updating your kids’ spaces.

Here are a few reasons to update your kids spaces with great design:

  1. Sense of Independence: Updating their personal space makes them feel motivated and excited and gives them a feeling of independence.
  2. Creativity: An opportunity to create a space together with your child so they can feel that they are involved in the creation.
  3. Safe Zone: Gives them a space where they feel safe, comfortable and can be creative and imaginative.
  4. Sharing: A fun, cohesive bedroom gives them a space they are proud of inviting their friends to play and have sleepovers.
  5. Organization: The designs include thoughtful storage for clothing, toys, books and more.
  6. Responsibility: A space for them to learn to care for their belongings, hang and fold their clothes, put away their toys and make their bed.
  7. Quiet time: A place as they grow where they can spend time reading, reflecting or working on homework.
  8. Grows with them: We strive to designs spaces that will grow with kids, whether they are 4 years old or 14.

Hannah’s Room

Hannah wanted her bedroom to feel gothic, magical & moody where she could hide away and read endless books. She loves Harry Potter as well and her color inspiration was teal and purple. For the design, we wanted a whimsical, magical space with subtle Harry Potter touches. Whimsical floral wallpaper, moody paint, velvet textiles set the mood and we removed the doors of the closet and transformed it into a reading nook with a library wallpaper, a bench seat cushion, & completed it with velvet curtains. 

Harrison’s Room

Harrison wanted a bedroom that was fitting for his age that felt cozy, calm, masculine and sophisticated.  He also wanted it to feel moody with pops of color. A comfortable and functional desk area was important to him, so we added shelving above his desk and hooks to hang headphones.  He plays the guitar so it was important to have a chair where he could play his guitar. Harrison also wanted extra seating for his friends so we added some small round ottomans.

Rosalie’s Room

Rosalie, a toddler, wanted her bedroom to be a pretty, magical space to transition into a big girls room that would grow with her.  Rosalie needed toy storage, a cozy toddler bed, a reading area, and clothes storage. We designed the room with a whimsical, woodland feel with a gorgeous wall  woodland mural, & rug, sage walls and touches of peach pink textiles.

Kamram’s Room

Kamran likes video games, dragons, dogs, drawing, and trading cards (like Pokémon). He is drawn to loft beds because he loves a little hiding spot, but Mom decided it better to be a twin bed as it is easier for him to make his bed. For the design, we focused on a Minecraft inspired room and he loved it!  He wanted his room to be organized and easy to put away clothes and toys on his own. He loved to draw and display his art.

Julia’s Room

Julia wanted her bedroom to be a place she could hang out and also invite her friends. She asked for a cool gray color, pops of pink and a fun gallery wall.  She wished for a large comfy bed, a study area and a place to sit and read.

Christopher’s Room

Christopher has many interests including superheroes, cars, soccer, guitars and more. Our goal was to create a space that was sophisticated but still fun and colorful for a child including reds and blues, incorporate a study area with useful storage and to design a space that could grow with him. A fun gallery wall incorporates this favorite things and can transition over time.

Mia’s Room

Mia wanted her bedroom to feel comfortable and girly. Mia loves lavender, baby pink with accents of soft gray without feeling too matchy-matchy. She wanted a place to display her favorite things. She loved the idea of a canopy in the room with a comfy chair to chill out in. Also on the wish list was a twin bed, a study desk and chair to draw and do homework.

Jonah’s Room

Jonah and his pet bearded dragon wished for a cool bedroom that felt cozy, warm, homey and informal. Jonah had found art that he loved, so we designed the color scheme around it in yellows and blues. Jonah needed a desk area for homework and a place to put his reptile tank. We recommended a rich blue with the bed wall in a contrasting happy yellow.  We also framed the bed in a cool rug that added a fun pattern.

Lucy’s Room

Lucy wanted a fairytale bedroom without feeling too young. She also wanted a loft bed, however, her ceilings were 8’ so we settled on a raised bed with tons of storage underneath. She loves lavender, light blue and accents of pink. For the design, we found a beautiful blue paint color that set off the design and added pops of color throughout the room, as well as added a cozy corner canopy. On the wall opposite the bed, we added a desk to do homework with a magical gallery wall above.  

Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

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