Customer Story: Lucy’s Fairytale Bedroom

Hello Everyone! Today we’re sharing Lucy’s fairytale bedroom transformation! Make sure to scroll to the end to see the Before and After pictures!

Client profile:

Service: Premium E-Design

About the Project: We started working with this busy family of 6 back in 2021.  Over the course of that time, we have completed over 10 rooms in their home!  Our client for this space, Lucy, is the youngest of 4 kids and we loved helping her dream come to life!

Design Process

Getting Started: Inspiration Board

We start all our design projects with an Inspiration board. For this room, Lucy was loving spaces with light blue, lavender and pink accents.  We wanted to make sure the inspiration pictures gave her the vibe she wanted without feeling too young.

   Floor Plan

One of the most important parts of Interior Design is the Floor Plan, it sets the stage for the design. Initially, Lucy wanted a loft bed, but after researching various loft options, we left that it would be too tight with their 8 foot ceilings so instead we recommended a raised bed with drawers underneath for extra storage.  We also added space for a desk and a cozy seating area in the corner.

Design Concepts

Concept one 

We landed on a beautiful light blue paint color that we absolutely loved.  From there, this concept included pink art and furnishings and a teal oriental rug.

Concept Two 

 With this concept, the idea was to add a fun gallery wall, a full bed as well as light touches of lavender, blues and pinks.

Final Design 

After presenting the two concepts, Lucy said she loved Concept Two with the bed from Concept One.  Easy peasy!   We love how kids make decisions so easily!  We added a few elements from Concept One into Concept two, and then swapped the rug for a fun geometric rug with similar colors.  Then we created the render so Lucy could envision her full space.  


For this project, our client added on the execution and installation of the design by our team, from bringing in the painters to placing all furniture and hanging all art and curtains with our handyman!  The result: A magical fairytale!

Before and After



What’s your favorite part of Lucy’s fairytale bedroom?

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  1. Anna Graham says:

    Where is the house head print from?

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