You May Need To Hire An Interior Designer If…

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Have you been staring at the same 3 colors delaying your room refresh because you just can’t seem to pick a color?  Or maybe the layout of your living room is driving you absolutely mad… you might need an interior designer.

If you’ve ever wondered, why should I hire an interior designer? Or how can a designer help? I’ve compiled a list of REAL reasons you may need an interior designer. Take a peek and let me know if any of these resonate with you!

Reason why you may need an Interior Designer

1. You have 36 paint swatches and keep collecting more.

With so many colors to choose from, how can you pick just one?!  You’ve been itching to repaint your space, but trying to pick the perfect color has become a never-ending dilemma, holding you back from even starting your project. 

Picking a paint color should not deter you from creating the space you desire. Need help narrowing down the perfect color? Leave it to our experienced design team to point you in the right direction and help you get your project started and completed! 

See our Paint Consultation Service!

2. You’ve rearranged your room 3x and still not happy with it

You’ve moved your bed against the wall, moved it to the other side of the room, and you’re still not satisfied with how everything looks.

Before throwing in the towel – give your space a chance by working with our design team. We can help you with space planning, floor layouts, and functionality to turn your room into the oasis of your dreams. 

See our Space Planning Service.

3. You love every style and don’t know which one to choose.

You’re in love with boho, modern, contemporary, and retro. You also just stumbled upon a mid century modern room that’s giving you all the vibes! You want a cohesive room, but narrowing it down to just one seems impossible. 

If you want to mix a few styles together but are confused about where to start, an interior designer can be your best friend. They can take your ideas and create a customized design that includes your favorite elements. 

See our Design Services.

4. You and your partner have different styles.

You love the simplicity of the minimalist design style, but your partner loves bohemian design with lots of layered items and eclectic home furnishings. So how do you choose just one style? Or better yet, how do you fuse those two styles together so your design looks cohesive? 

One of the best things about interior design is you really can play with different styles and mesh designs together to create a unique space. Many designs today combine multiple styles in one. The key is to use materials, furnishings, colors that compliment each other. Our design team can help you combine styles together to create a balanced look that fuses the styles you love into one cohesive design. 

Have questions, schedule a free discovery call

5. You want quality modern furniture and have no idea where to start!

You want great-quality, modern furniture that makes a statement in your space, but where can you find such items? 

One of the perks of working with our design team is you’ll gain access to vendors we’ve vetted and to trade-only vendors! That means you can browse quality pieces that you don’t see at your everyday furniture store. Whether we work together via virtual or in-person services, we’ll help you find the modern pieces to make your space truly original. 

See our Design Services.

6. You want a cohesive, functional space but don’t have the time or resources to make it happen.

You’re trying to create that a cohesive look for your room, with ample storage, a good layout and great design, but right now all you’ve managed to do is buy a few random furniture pieces.

How to make it all more cohesive? By planning your design with an interior design team. When putting together a design project, we stick to a clear vision, plan ahead, work with our trusted contractors and take the project off your hands, so you can go back to your busy life and let us handle everything!

Let us handle the design and project management for you, see our Full Service Design.

7. You’d love to work with a designer, but you believe it’s a luxury service.

You’ve watched all the youtube videos, have 10 different Pinterest boards on interior design ideas, and even tried to DIY a new room.

But man, there’s a lot more involved than you realized, and instead of finishing your project, it comes to a crashing halt halfway through. You’d love to work with a designer to get a custom design, but you’re afraid it’ll be too expensive.

We offer flexible services and work with clients on various different budgets and can help you find your level service!

See our Design Services!

Can you relate to any of these?

Interior designers can help you in more than one way. Of course, working with an expert designer can help you save time, money, and all those good things – but it’s more than that. 

It’s about helping you create comfortable, functional spaces that inspire and bring you joy. Rooms you absolutely adore coming home to and that allow you to live your best life. 

That’s why we love what we do! It brings us so much joy to help individuals and families create designs that allow them to thrive in their space.

So if you’re sick of having paint cards everywhere or staring the hand-me-down furniture you’ve had for way too long – perhaps it’s time you gave us a call

We’d love to discuss a project with you and see if we can help you finally create the room you want!

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