What is Bohemian (Boho) Design?

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Hi friends! Do you ever find yourself looking at a photo and trying to figure out what design style it is? Or have you ever wondered, what exactly is Bohemian design? We’re here to help! In our Style Series, we will dive into each Design Style!

What is Bohemian (Boho) design?

Bohemian design is a layered, casual look that often incorporates patterns, textures, and décor pieces from around the world.  The idea of this look is to capture a more relaxed, free-spirited, and cozy lifestyle.  The origin of the style is strongly correlated with the bohemians, a counterculture that appeared in France after the French Revolution. The artists of the era started to dress like nomadic gypsies to express themselves, leading to a new design style. Source.

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Key Characteristics of Bohemian or Boho Design

Pattern Play and Mixed Materials

A key element to Boho design is adding different textures. Burlap, silks, chenille, sisal, velvets, and more play well together for a layered, textured space. Mixing patterns is another way to make a statement, adding geometric patterns, oriental or vintage rugs and tribal patterns can work well together.

Eclectic and vibrant color palettes

Traditional boho design uses deep jewel tones, bright colors, earthy hues, or a combination of all three. White walls serve as a blank canvas on which to hang macrame or naturally colored wall hangings for a more boho-chic feel or you can add a moody feel by incorporating paint colors such as terracotta, teals or warm tones.

Natural and vintage

When you create bohemian interiors, adding vintage items can create focal points in your home. Unique rugs, paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art can also be used. As a result, it helps in telling a tale that is particular to your home.

Additionally, Boho also uses natural greeneries such as succulents and houseplants that are part of the design to add color and keep your space feeling fresh and lively.

Features global accents

Global-inspired home decor pieces work great with Boho design as it adds to the uniqueness of each space and creates a layered look. Generally, global pieces can be round or in different shapes which breaks up the art pieces into a space for a whimsical, eclectic look.

Furniture is made for lounging

Furniture in a bohemian design is usually low to the ground, with natural materials, and with fluffy pillows and blankets, examples are Moroccan poufs, rattan chairs and comfortable leather/velvet seating. The room is comfortable and inviting thanks to the furniture of different heights and hues.

Get the Look: Boho Living Room

We’ve curated some great Boho pieces to layer to your current pieces at home so you can put together a Boho-inspired room.

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Bohemian Design Mashups

These days, you may see a combination of the style with many other design styles.

Boho Design and Mid-Century Modern Design

The layers, mix of patterns, and warm tones associated with the Boho style make for a great combo with mid-century design.

Boho Design and Global/Eclectic Design

Boho Design can take on an eclectic global feel, by mixing patterns and textures, especially those from around the world, gives the space a fun layered look and the feeling of a well-traveled space. Moreover, you also use accessories made from natural materials combined with elements like rich fabrics, and interesting pieces like macramé.   

Boho Design and Neutral Colors

In the past few years, neutral boho designs have been extremely popular.  The boho elements offer lots of textures via macrame, plush rugs, and textured pillows as well as lots of plants while the neutral background feels cozy and soothing.

Does it sound like Boho is your kind of style? 

Are you into the traditional Bohemian look with rich colors, layers, and items from around the world? Or are you liking the more toned-down Boho looks that combine a more simple color scheme and style with textured pieces and fabrics? Comment below or on social, I’d love to hear from you!

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