Client Story: Moody Blue Living room

Hello friends! I’m excited to share with you the process of this moody blue living room project. We took a drab living room and turned it into a modern space with a touch of boho. A fresh new space where the condo owner can sit back, relax, and drink her favorite cocktails. Keep on reading until the end for the amazing reveal! 

Client Profile

Service: Premium E-Design

About the Project: Busy professional and photographer living in her condo with her beloved kitty, Ziti. Loves to relax in her space and mix up different kinds of cocktails!

Design Process

Getting Started

We began with curating an inspiration board that combines inspiration photos received from our client and a few others that we believe best fit her sense of style. The next step is to begin putting together a floor plan.  

Space Plan

When envisioning the layout for this space, we knew we needed to take advantage of the long wall on the other side of the sofa, including a bar cabinet to house ingredients for one the clients’ favorite hobby, mixing cocktails! We also included storage under the TV and an entry console. On the other side, we incorporated a cozy but small apartment style chaise sofa, a small dining area, nesting coffee tables and a cozy rug.

Design Concepts

After the space plan is created, we move forward with curating the two design concepts. By creating two design concepts, this helps our client envision the different possibilities for their space! We started by adding an accent wall behind the sofa and a fun, organic arch on the other side. We also wanted to include a unique area for the kitty to have its own space and floating picture ledges to showcase some of the client’s beautiful travel photographs.

For the first concept, we added an accent wall with one of our favorite colors: Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue. It helped conceal the bump out behind the sofa and add moody richness to the space! We also added an arch behind the TV for another feature! We paired it with pops of color through the rug and throw pillows. For the wood tones, we alternated dark walnut and light oak for dimension. The use of black metal accents adds a modern touch while the textures and patterns bring in some eclectic and boho elements.

For the second concept, we added a deep navy blue paint color called Benjamin Moore Gentlemen’s Gray. The wood tones are darker making the space feel cozier yet modern. We kept the same black metal accents but this time around decided to add a fun yellow and orange pop of color through the pillows and dining chairs! 

Final Design

The client loved concept 1 more, but just had a few minor revisions! We swapped out the chandelier over the dining area for something more unique and eye-catching. We also swapped out the rug for another vintage-style rug that was a bit more subtle yet incorporated the same color tones around the room.

In-person Installation

Premium E-Design does not include installation, however, it can be added towards the end of the project if you’d like our help! The client and the CID team met in late October of 2021 for the installation along with our handyman. Our receiver brought all the bigger items already assembled and we guide them on where to place the pieces. We brought all smaller items for the space which includes pillows, accessories, and more to put the finishing touches!

Before and After

Time for the big reveal! What do you like most?



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  3. Renée Belongia says:

    Very nice! It was fun to read the background details and the steps from beginning to end. The outcome is beautiful!

    • Cristina Martinez says:

      Thank you Renee! We love this unique project where we were able to incorporate so many of the homeowner’s favorite interests and hobbies!

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