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Hi friends! Do you ever find yourself looking at a photo and trying to figure out what design style it is? Or have you ever wondered, what exactly is Bohemian design? We’re here to help! In our Style Series, we will dive into each Design Style! What is Bohemian (Boho) design? Bohemian design is a […]

In today’s Style Series, we’re talking about one of my all-time favorite design styles, Mid-Century Modern Design. With its many different style mashups you may be wondering, “what IS mid-century modern design?” Today, I’m giving you an inside look at this popular design style. Make sure to read to the end to check out some […]

Hi Friends! Have you been staring at the same 3 colors delaying your room refresh because you just can’t seem to pick a color?  Or maybe the layout of your living room is driving you absolutely mad… you might need an interior designer. If you’ve ever wondered, why should I hire an interior designer? Or […]

Hi friends!  Happy Friday! I loved seeing all the responses to our post about our new blue wall in our sitting room!  It’s my one my favorite spots in the house now and today I’m talking about how the look together and how you can Get the Look. Details of our space Sideboard: The sideboard […]

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