Why Is It Important to Determine Your Design Style?

Interior Design Styles Moodboard

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, how do I know what my design style is? We get it, it can be really overwhelming, especially with the plethora of inspiration and design styles available everywhere today.  So why is it important to determine your design style? Read on!

First, let me say, it’s ok to mix your styles!  We consider ourselves expert design mixologists and we mix styles all the time.  BUT the easiest way to get a good understanding is to determine your main design style!  

So we’ve created this design quiz with our most popular styles.  Take this quiz and get your mood board and you’ll be on your way to having a better understanding of your design style!  

Once you can give it a name, then you can start to layer and mix styles.  For example, if your preferred design style is modern, you’ll understand that you love clean lines in furniture but perhaps you also want to add a touch of boho and glam to personalize your space.

Here are a few other reasons why it’s helpful to narrow down your style:

  1. To put a name to your design style so you have a sense of direction while searching for inspiration or shopping for home decor.
  1. To give you clarity in the direction you want to create for your home.
  1. To find inspiration on Pinterest without going down a rabbit hole!
  1. To stop you from losing focus on what you love as there is so much influence out there today.
  1. To create a space that you feel connected to personally.
  1. To help you narrow down what Interior Designer to partner with for your design projects. 
  1. So you can create a home that reflects your likes and dislikes.

Ready to find your Style?  

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