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Recently, I did a few great discovery calls and received some frequently asked questions about our interior design services. These calls are like treasure troves of questions about our company, our services, and the whole design process. Today, I’m excited to tackle three common questions:

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m worried about giving up control on this project.

This question is completely understandable, as we’re working on your personal spaces. However, the MOST important thing about working with a designer is having TRUST.  If you can trust your design team and let them guide you through the process, you will have a fantastic experience.  We have a proven system we’ve been using for years and most people are delighted by their personalized designs, the products we pick for them and the fact that it functions well for their family.

Of course, you will be involved throughout the process because it is YOUR home.  While we will push you outside your comfort zone, we will never force you to make a decision that doesn’t feel right for you.

And who knows, maybe you’ll realize, it’s actually amazing to let an expert guide you, many of our clients book us again and again for more rooms in their homes. 🙂

2. When will my project be finished?

Your project timeline is an important topic to discuss with your designer. Many people have unrealistic expectations of an overnight transformation.

On the design side, our team works quickly and as long as the clients are actively participating and making quick decisions, we can stick to our timelines.

Regarding furniture and décor, having a tight deadline can limit the products that are available. It’s important to ask yourself, do you want a curated space where the design is based around picking the best products that suit your home or do you want it done quickly?

So how long does it take?

1. E-Design Projects:

Design Process: 4 weeks
Furniture: Once furniture is ordered, it usually arrives within 2 weeks to 3 months.*

*The longer shipping times are due to made to order, upholstery or popular items that the manufacturer needs to restock. Some made to order items from popular retailers (i.e. West Elm) can take up to 4-5 months to arrive.

2. Full Service Projects:

Design Process: 6-8 weeks, depending on the complexity
Contractor Time: (Painting, Wallpaper, Woodwork, Electrical): Between 1 week and a few weeks (for light renovations/built-ins)
Furniture: Once ordered, furniture arrives within 3-4 months.*

*For Full Service projects, we can customize any furniture piece with custom fabric, custom colors, etc. so lead times can be longer depending on customization.

Fast Track: If you need it sooner, ask for a fast track process and we will aim to select only ready to ship furniture; however, keep in mind this can limit your furniture options.

3. What if I don’t need everything from A to Z?

Virtual Design (E-Design) Services can be perfect for you. With E-Design, you will get the design vision and products for your space and you can execute on your own. We have several options available:

  1. Designer for a Day, a highly-focused, one day collaborative design intensive
  2. E-Design Services, a partial or full room design with exact product selection

E-Design includes a shopping list of products you can purchase on your own time. However, our team offer Purchasing Services (minimums apply) and many of our e-design customers take advantage of it. If you have questions about Purchasing Services, be sure to reach out.

Need concept to complete design? See Full Service Design details below…

What is Full Service Design?

Traditionally, Interior Designers provide Full Service Design, a concept to completion service. The idea of “Full Service” is used in many industries but I’ve realized that many consumers don’t know what this means when it comes to interior design.

With Full Service Design, your design team handles every aspect of the project from concept to completion, including contractor management and final installation.

Full Service Design can be a larger investment because it involves more design and project management time from your design team, custom or higher quality products, some renovations aspects and the final installation.



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