What is Modern Glam Design?

In today’s Style Series, we’re talking about one of our popular design styles, Glam Design, more specifically, Modern Glam Design, which is how our team likes to interpret this style. You may be wondering, “what is modern glam design?” Let’s take a closer look.

Make sure to read to the end to check out some great options for furniture and accessories to ‘get the look.’

What is Modern Glam Design?

The Glam Design style originated from old Hollywood glamour. Picture vintage black and white films, with beautiful stage-settings and glamourous Hollywood stars. The style evolved from the Regency design era as well as the Art Deco movement.

When looking at Modern Glam Design, you will find that it incorporates pieces with curved lines or vintage-inspired furniture and blends them with luxurious elements like leather, suede, and velvet as well as bright metals like brass or chrome.

It creates a space that exudes elegance and sophistication, and often includes jewel-toned colors or can be done with tone-on-tone neutrals like champagne and cream or charcoal and gray.

This style is polished and posh yet tasteful. Consider adding thoughtful touches that subtly elevate your space. The quality of materials is important to this style, so focus on quality over quantity.

Key Elements of Modern Glam Design

Using Luxurious Materials

One of the hallmarks of modern glam design is the use of luxurious materials. Think plush velvet, some shimmering metallic accents, and high-quality finishes.

You can also incorporate other elements into your space through statement furniture pieces, such as a velvet sofa or a sleek marble coffee table. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures to add depth and visual interest.

Sophisticated Color Palette

When it comes to color choices, you can choose a sophisticated palette that exudes glamour such as classic hues like black, white, and gray. These colors form the foundation of the modern glam design style.

But you can also introduce bold jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue for a pop of richness and sophistication. Add some metallic accents in gold or silver to create an extra layer of glamour.

Incorporate Statement Lighting

Just like other design styles, lighting plays a crucial role in modern glam design. Hence, if you want to achieve a captivating ambiance, incorporate statement lighting fixtures that serve as both functional and decorative as well.

On the other hand, chandeliers with bold brass elements, sleek pendant lights, and glamorous wall sconces are all excellent choices. These fixtures not only illuminate the space but also serve as eye-catching focal points in your room.

Glamorous Furniture and Accessories

Furniture and accessories are the heart of any interior design style, and modern glam is no exception. Choose furniture pieces with curved lines and sleek silhouettes, accented with sumptuous upholstery and intricate detailing.

Fan of mirrors? Using mirrored furniture can also add a touch of glamour and enhance the visual appeal of your space. Accessorize with decorative items like gilded mirrors, ornate picture frames, and velvet throw pillows to complete the glam design look.

Balance and Simplicity

In order to modernize this decadent design style, strike a balance with modern furniture to keep the overall design clean and uncluttered, allowing each statement piece to shine.

Maintain simplicity in your design by choosing a few key focal points and letting them take center stage. This approach creates an atmosphere of elegance without compromising on functionality.

Glam Design Mashups

These days, you may see a combination of the style with many other design styles.

Glam and Global

The Glam Design style matches really well with interesting prints like animal patterns, color blocking and interesting artifacts like this Parisian-inspired look below (left).

Glam and Whimsical

The Glam and Whimsical design styles go hand in hand. Therefore, if you want to achieve this look, use Glam Style furniture and lighting and break it up with eclectic rugs, art, and décor. You can add bright colors and shapes to add whimsy to the space.

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Get The LOOK!

Modern glam design offers a magnificent fusion of contemporary aesthetics and luxurious elements. If you want to achieve this look, get the look here.

It delivers a space that is sophisticated, elegant, and visually captivating. By using this design, you can create a modern glam haven that embodies timeless beauty and luxury.

Let your home reflect your exquisite taste and indulge in the allure of modern glam design.


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