Join the Happy Dance Campaign!

Hey friends!

Join me on my birthday as we kick off the Happy Dance campaign!

One of our goals, when we work with our clients, is that they love their spaces so much, they want to do a happy dance

So if you LOVE your new space, here’s your chance to share the love! 

Introducing, the Happy Dance Campaign! A celebration of your most loved spaces that our team helped you create! 

How does it work?  Submit a video doing a “happy dance” in your favorite CID-designed room

So, to get started, here’s how to prepare for the Happy Dance Campaign.  

  • Prep your room (it can be the whole room or a small vignette of your room) 
  • Get your phone ready (make sure to hold your phone vertically) 😊 
  • Feel free to include your family or friends! (or your pet friends!) 
  • Record the video, 20-30 seconds long is good!
  • Do that happy dance! Remember, creativity counts!
  • And finally, upload your video using this link. 

What’s next? Your videos will be featured on our website and/or socials to share your happy dances with our community and we’ll pick winners!

Selecting Winners

We’ll review your amazing, creative videos and declare three winners (with prizes!) 

Top three winners will be chosen to win gift cards from your favorite retailers:

  • 1st Prize Winner: $150
  • 2nd Prize Winner: $50
  • 3rd Prize Winner: $25

Deadline for the submission of entries will be on Friday, March 31st.  Reach out with questions!

Let’s celebrate together. I am so excited to see you shimmie and do your HAPPY Dance!

  1. Carlos says:

    This is such a fun idea!

  2. […] Happy Dance Campaign is a celebration of our clients most loved newly-transformed […]

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