The Best Modern Bohemian Rugs for your Home

It’s no secret that I love to mix various styles in my designs. A great rug is a key element when planning a room design. It can help determine the design direction in the space, such as a living room design, whether it’s the star of the show or a supporting actor.

Sometimes rugs can “ground” a space, meaning they serve as a great backdrop for layers of colors and patterns and other times rugs can make the design. Take a look at this colorful living room for example, we started with a gray sofa and simple wood dining table and added a lot of personality through the beautiful rug, as well as art, pillows and window treatments.

Rugs can help define the bedroom area as well, and act like a comfortable place to step out of bed in the morning, such as this comfy moroccan-inspired rug, which serves as a great grounding piece for this cool master bedroom design.

These Bohemian/Global rugs are great for any room and work with many different types of styles. One of my favorite sources for Modern Bohemian rugs is Boutique Rugs, and I’ve curated my favorite rugs to use for any design style.

Take a look and let me know which one is your favorite!

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Click the links below for each rug, links from top left:

  1. Kaitlyn Area Rug
  2. West End Area Rug
  3. Bodrum Area Rug
  4. Stapleton Area Rug
  5. Harput Area Rug
  6. Godalming Area Rug

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