Celebrating two years in business!

It’s the 2 year anniversary of Cristina Isabel Design LLC!!!  🎉👏🙌✨

I am so proud of this company.  When I look back at when I launched in late Oct. 2019, full of passion, excitement and a good deal of naivete, I had no idea what to expect but I knew I was so excited about the journey to come.  

My goal was to create a fun and approachable design experience, with a design style that is modern, clean and full of personality. It has been amazing feeling to see clients thrive in their spaces with our help.  From a one room e-design to a multi-room full service project, we change client’s lives at home and it is such a thrilling experience.

I knew I would thrive by building a team (I’m a collaborator), but also knew about the commitment that comes with having a team – operating as a firm rather than as a solopreneur.  Thinking about necessary elements a team needs to thrive, from financial goals, internal processes, training and more.

While I’m still very involved in ensuring the deliverables of our team meet the quality/taste/style expectations of the brand, the goal is to let the team really lead the majority of projects with training and parameters on hand in the next few months.

From a brand perspective, I would love grow “our tribe” – our community.  We’ve worked with some incredible clients this year that “get us” and it truly feels the best when you have that relationship.  (We have also had a few projects that didn’t work out because they weren’t the right fit, and it’s something we’ve learned a lot from.)

One of the proudest moments of this year is being featured in a Washington Post magazine article with other notable DC area designers of color. I was able to get a bit vulnerable and talk about how this industry feels intimidating to most people (as it did to me growing up) and I love that others connected with that.  Not only has the article been amazing recognition, but it’s also led to a few new leads, which is very exciting.

And with that, let’s take a look at a few of my proudest accomplishments this year…

Proudest accomplishments of the year:

  • On-boarding my first intern Katie, who’s now Design Assistant extraordinaire
  • Adding 3 more members to the team, which definitely makes us feel like more of a firm
  • Working with amazing copywriters to streamline the brand messaging
  • Being featured in the Washington Post magazine along with notable DC interior designers
  • Finishing 6 successful client project installations 
  • Building great relationships with contractors
  • Continuing to offer a flexible approach to design with e-design, premium e-design and full service design
  • Receiving many referrals (we love when a client refers us, it’s the biggest compliment!)
  • Focusing on internal processes to function better as a team – because process matters!

Most impressive of all are the numbers. This year we completed:

  • 10 Living Room Designs
  • 4 Bedroom Designs
  • 5 Office Designs
  • 6 Breakfast Area/Dining Room Designs
  • 2 Solarium/Conservatory Designs
  • 1 Bathroom E-Design
  • 1 Kitchen Design
  • 2 Entryway Designs
  • 4 Gallery Wall Designs
  • And 1 very cool kids hangout basement design

Wow! We’re so grateful and honored to have clients that trust us to improve the spaces in their homes.

Check out some of our favorite designs of Year 2!

What’s next for Cristina Isabel Design LLC as we move into year 3? 

  • Working smarter, not harder.
  • Allowing the team to grow and thrive and take more responsibility over projects.  Because they are rock stars!
  • Focusing more on marketing and messaging (social media and client education) as well as business development!

Looking to work with our team? We have 3-4 e-design spots left for the year and are booking into 2022 for larger projects. Email us to book or click here!

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