CID’s favorite projects Year 2

We’re celebrating two year’s in business and of course, we need to highlight a few of our favorite projects from year two.

We’ll be adding more details about these on the website soon.

Woodbridge Solarium

We knew from the day we stepped in this room that it would be magical. It was full of potential. But once the homeowners let us know they imagined a black and white space, suddenly the room was saying, “make me an incredible modern art deco inspired space so my homeowners can enjoy a glass of whiskey on the curved sofa while entertaining friends.” 😊

Arlington Kitchen and Dining Refresh

What I love about this transformation is that it was a wow makeover but did not involve adding a new kitchen. In fact, the cabinets were painted, we added all new lighting, backsplash, hardware and barstools for a complete change. In the dining room, a built-in cabinet and bench improved the flow and created functional storage. We incorporated the homeowner’s global decor in a fun way too!

Favorite Design Boards

These are just a few of the many design projects we’ve worked on this year. Our team thrives in creating spaces that are modern and clean but full of personality with the use of colors, textures and always looking to add a unique twist to the space.

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