Celebrating 4 Years in Business

We’re celebrating our 4th Year Business Anniversary!

It's our 4 year anniversary

I love to look back at the entire year and see what went really well, what challenges we faced, and what we’re looking forward to!

One of the first things I notice when I look through our projects this year is the number of repeat and referral clients we received!! WOO!

It’s a huge honor when clients return for another project or when they refer us.  Thank you!! It means we’re not only serving our clients, but we are affecting their lives positively and in turn, making them want to continue the journey of updating all their spaces! 😊

As far as the challenges we faced, last year, two of our designers left. We went from a team of 5 to a team of 3. Amelia moved to California to be close to her family and found a great firm there and Katie started at a commercial firm in DC! It was hard to see them go, as we were very close, but I am also a very proud of them!

The fabulous Nicki took on the task of the main designer for our projects and we learned to work better as a team of 3. Also, we’re also leveraging our team of virtual assistants much better. A year later, it feels like we’re a smooth-running machine, yes!

On the personal side of things, I took some longer form vacations this summer to New Orleans and Puerto Rico, for the first team since I started the business. It felt amazing to take a much-needed break. 😊

And with that, let’s take a look at some of our accomplishments for the year:

Proudest Accomplishments of the Year

  • Partnered with our videographer for more Video Project Reveals!  And created fun reels (see a few here: 1, 2, 3)
  • Launched our first annual Happy Dance Campaign and we had so much fun watching all the videos!! 
  • Tested our refreshed virtual services which will launch shortly on our website!
  • Curated our most popular design styles and launched our new Design Quiz.
  • Launched the new Designer for a Day service.
  • Honored to be a two-part speaker for a nearby corporation’s Hispanic Heritage event.  Did a lunchtime Q&A followed up by a presentation and happy hour! 
  • Getting featured on Shades of Light’s Instagram and Mitchell Black‘s Instagram!
  • Sharing client stories and design tips via the blog consistently all year!  Have you caught up on the latest?
  • And sharing our weekly newsletter of project reveals and design tips! 

Design Projects by the Numbers

It’s always fun to look at the different rooms we worked on. This year, we received mostly Living Room and Master Bedroom requests, while the rest of the projects were a mix.  These projects were a combination of Full Service and Virtual Design projects!

  • 7 Living Room Designs
  • 3 Master Bedroom Designs
  • 2 Dining/Breakfast Room Designs
  • 2 Office Designs
  • 3 Sitting Room Designs
  • 2 Kids Rooms Designs
  • 1 Basement/Playroom Design
  • 1 Master Bathroom Renovation Design
  • 1 Kitchen Renovation Design
  • 1 Kitchen Selections Only Design
  • 1 Mudroom Design
  • And we did 10 Project Installations!!

What’s next for Cristina Isabel Design LLC as we move into year 5?

  • Focusing on a great client experience and adding value through social media.
  • Continue to connect and create a community with our amazing clients!
  • Bringing back Client Appreciation Day for a 5-year party!  


To all our wonderful clients and friends who have supported us throughout the years! We couldn’t have done it without you!

See some of our Favorite Projects of the Year!

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Let’s work together!

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