Project Reveal: Jonah’s Blue & Yellow Boys Room

blue and yellow boys room design

Hi Friends! Today we’re sharing Jonah’s blue and yellow boys room that was designed around his favorite art! We added fun bold paint colors to define the space and make the art pop! Make sure to scroll to the end to see the Before and Design pictures!

Client Profile

Service: E-Design

We started working with this busy family of 6 back in 2021.  Over the course of that time, we have completed over 10 rooms in their home!  Our client for this space, Jonah, is one of two boys in the family and he had selected a beautiful art triptych for his room. We designed the entire room around his favorite art!

Design Process

Getting Started: Inspiration Board

boys room inspiration board

After some client feedback from the parents and child, we figured out what they liked and didn’t like about each photo. This really helps to have a clear direction when starting on the concepts.

Next, we got started on mapping out the floor plan!

Floor Plan

For this room, it was a challenge because there was a unique bulkhead, which limited the orientation of the bed since they already had a lot of existing furniture.

We wanted to make sure there was enough room for him to play without feeling too cramped. Also, he needed a spot for his bearded dragon, which inspired some of the additional art!

boys room floor plan

Design Concepts

Concept One

Jonah already had his bed, his duvet cover and the art pieces he wanted to place over his bed. The rest of the design was created with this in mind. For Concept One, we played into the darker colors of the art and went a bit moody with the paint but added fun pops of blues and yellows in the pillows, rug and additional art.

moody boys room

We also tied in some masculine wood tones and leather finishing it off with some black and metal accents.

Concept Two

For the second concept, we went bold and fun with a bright yellow feature wall. Then we added some black and white elements to balance the look, letting the walls and the art be the highlight of the space. Graphic lines in the pillows and rug brought visual interest.

blue and yellow boys room
blue and yellow customized boys room

Final Design

After presenting the two concepts, we wait for feedback and make any final tweaks.

For this project, the client loved the design entirely and had minor changes! They went with Concept Two. This client opted for a 3D render to fully visualize how the room would look in its full glory. We love how it turned out!

blue and yellow boys room
blue and yellow boys room

Before and After


blue and yellow customized boys room


blue and yellow customized boys room
blue and yellow customized boys room

What’s your favorite part of Jonah’s blue and yellow bedroom?

Interested in updating your space to make it a more functional, fun, and cohesive space?  Let’s work together to make it happen.  

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