Project Reveal: Global Boho Bedroom

global boho bedroom

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to finally share with you the project reveal of Global Boho Bedroom, one of my favorite designs!  There’s a reason it’s front and center of our homepage

This space went from a blank slate into a cozy, global-inspired colorful bedroom that the client loved!  

Client Profile

Service: Virtual Design

About the Project: Our client reached out because she had bought a newly renovated home in Washington, DC and needed help adding her personality into the space.  She loves to travel and has an affinity for colorful, global and boho design.  

Design Process

Getting Started

We got started with reviewing the inspiration photos received from our client.  There was a good mix in the photos that we felt we could pull from to create unique and creative designs.

Space Plan

There were two layout options for this space. We started with the bed facing the closet doors for symmetry and balance, but ultimately decided to place the bed on the long window wall in order to fit a large dresser in the corner and a group of plants in another.  Sometimes there is more than one ideal layout option in a space and we love to explore the options together.

Design Concepts

After the initial space plan is created, we move forward with creating the two design concepts. By creating two design concepts, this helps our clients envision the different possibilities for their space! For these concepts, I wanted to play with one that had warm tones and one that had cooler blue tones.

For the first concept, I was inspired by the idea of a vintage style rug with a global feel and warm red and orange tones.  From there, I started looking for fun tribal patterns and colorful pillows that would feel cohesive but not too matchy.  I also brought in beautiful, warm wood tones in the furniture as well as a cool wood wall accent.

For the second concept, I added a rich teal paint color to the wall first.  Then added a beautiful black and white moroccan style rug.  From there, I chose a medium gray upholstered bed and added beautiful linens and textured pillows in whites and blues.  Finally I added a fun shelf with art pieces and plants since this client loves plants.

Final Design

The client loved concept 1 more, but just had a few minor revisions! We swapped out the lamps for taller ones that worked with the color palette, added window treatments with subtle tribal patterns and added colorful wall baskets since the client wanted more color on the wall. We also added another layer of pillows for a more dimensional look on the bed. Love!


Once the design was done, we sent the design deliverables along with an Installation Guide to detail the height of the wall baskets, curtains, etc.  Our client Julie actually purchased and installed all the furniture and decor herself, even the wall baskets!  We were so impressed as those wall baskets were really tricky to design and had to be added carefully to get the right look.  

We were so happy with how everything looked exactly like the design that we reached out to schedule a photoshoot to capture the beautiful space! 


Because this home was a recent renovation, we didn’t have any of before photos.  It was a blank slate space.  Take a look at the After and how the colors really wake up the space!


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