Just for Fun Fridays: A little something something…

Hi Friends! Happy Friday and welcome to the second Just for Fun Fridays post and the first “A little something something…” series where I share

5 little somethings with links to share!

1. Something I’m eyeing:

Dark blue rugs on Ruggable. If you saw on Instagram yesterday, we sold our sofa and rug this week! And we bought our new sofa. So I’m eyeing some rugs and am thinking about a dark blue rug since our sofa will be camel-colored leather :). Use my code for 15% off your own rug at Ruggable!

two chairs in a living room

2. Something I’m excited about:

THIS VACUUM IS A GAME CHANGER! My parents bought the fancy Dyson one last year and I was like WANT! But you know – money… Anyways we were dying recently with allergies, especially since one of our dogs sheds a lot and we found this one. It’s amazing and the best part is that my husband Carlos is vacuuming EVERY DAY, like multiple times a day. So just for that, it’s worth every penny LOL.

3. Something that makes me happy:

Baby boy is 4 months today. What?! As a first time mom, the first two months felt like two years. Then time started speeding up. I look at him and he looks so much bigger every day. I’m not super sad he’s growing, but I do understand the nostalgia that people feel about their kids growing up fast. I try to stare at him a lot to memorize his face at each stage lol. The most amazing thing that happened this month is that he started sleeping alone in his crib! The thing is, he loves to sleep on his tummy and it’s the only way he sleeps for 4-6 hours at a time, so we use the Owlet smart sock for piece of mind, which monitors his oxygen and heart rate levels.

4. Something that I don’t like:

It’s getting cold (brrrrr!). Anyone else a summer/spring person? The one thing that has made me more of a winter person is snowboarding. We started a few years ago and I love it! Am still terrified, but YOLO right?!? We recently received this super cute baby North Face jacket in blue for Javi. It is adorable and now we’re ready for our snowboarding trip in January!

5. Something I created:

I love helping people with their rooms but I find that they have a lot of questions and things to figure out before they are ready to get started. So I created this guide called 7 Steps to Prepare for a Decorating Project to help you out should you need help getting started with thinking about your next project.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your weekend!

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