Nursery Sneak Peak #2: New (Washable) Rug

Final Nursery Rug - Cristina Isabel Design

I love this new Ruggable Linear Aztec Black rug! In addition to the $13 Japanese wave art that I made, this rug really adds a lot of interest to our nursery. But this was actually the second rug we bought for the nursery. Let’s go back in time and talk about the journey:

Once I had my inspiration for the room, we went in search of the perfect rug and found it right away in Homegoods (here it is modeled by our pup Rocky)! Best of all the rug cost $150 and I had a $140 gift card so it was practically free!

Dog on rug.

However, once we rolled it out and put the crib down, we realized that it was too big for the room (NOOOOO). The fringe made it overlap over the vent and the bulkiness of the rug made it so it was hard to close the door. Additionally, I had this feeling that it wasn’t baby friendly since it would be hard to clean.

Fast forward months later, I discovered Ruggable. Washable rugs! WHAT! YES! I saved their page and moved on. Well I was convinced on baby’s first day home that we needed a washable rug – not only did he pee on our bed, he also pooped on it and it stained! In fact, it was a hilariously scary projectile situation… but I’ll spare you the details…

We received the Ruggable rug a few days ago. It’s comes with two pieces, a “pad” that has velcro on it and the rug itself which is thinner than a normal rug and goes on top of the pad. Aligning it was a bit tricky with the velcro, and took a few tries, but once we got it we realized it looks great and gives the room a lot of dimension. We love it!

As to our Homegoods rug, we will either move it to a different area of the house, or sell it online so that someone else can enjoy it.
What do you think? Anyone else feel conflicted about rugs?  They add so much personality and coziness to a room yet are so hard to clean.
Here’s 15% off your first Ruggable rug if you’d like to try it!

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