The Ultimate Dad Gift Guide

Hi friends! I asked Carlos what he wants for Christmas if he could get ANYTHING he wanted. He came up with 5 pretty cool things and asked me to call it the Ultimate Dad Gift Guide. Below are his descriptions of why these are awesome.

  1. Large Round and Square Ice Maker – 19.99: Carlos says – Make stylish slow melting ice for your drinks. You can make both round ice and square ice, for a stylish drink.
  2. Smoke infusing gun & glass dome – 219.95: Carlos says – Infuse your favorite drinks with smoked flavor.  It can make delicious tasting drinks, it can add smokiness to any drink you craft, making you feel like a genuine whiskey craftsman.
  3. Temperature Controlled Smart Mug – 79.95: Carlos says – stylish smart mugs keeps coffee at the perfect temperature at all times.
  4. Bottle to Draft Portable Beer System – 119.99: Carlos says – You can turn any beer into tap. Portable tap makes any beer taste great on the go, whether at a friends house or a tailgate party.  Show off to your dudes by bringing this fancy gadget to your party.
  5. Smart bike helmet – 149.95: Carlos says – Perfect for night time riding. The back of the helmet lights up to signal if you’re turning left or right for safer riding.

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