2019 Gift Guide: Gifts for Home – Over $25

gifts for home over $25

Hi Friends! I’m excited to share our first gift guides for 2019! These first set of gifts are great for the home and we have a lot of these so I can vouch for them and some I’ve been eyeing. Here is the list of over $25 items:

  1. Bamboo cutting board with trays – 59.95: If you’re anything like me (messy in the kitchen), this cutting board with tray storage would be so helpful! I currently use bowls to store different veggies while I meal prep and a bowl for scraps (thanks Rachel Ray for the tip), but this all in one system would be so helpful!
  2. Chicago Cutlery Stainless Steel Knives – 124.99: These are the best knives!! We got these as a wedding present and still love them today. They have a built in sharpener or you can use your own sharpener and they stay sharp for a while. If you think you’re not good at cutting things, perhaps it’s actually that you’re using a dull knife… 😛
  3. Enamel Cast Iron Casserole Dish – 59.90: I’ve been eyeing a LeCreuset pot in this beautiful blue color for a while. This one is a quarter of the price and has great reviews, so it’s a great alternative. This type of pot will last you forever. In fact, this year Carlos got me into cooking with iron pans and I’ve been converted. Whether it’s veggies, eggs or meats, things get a nice char and never stick, cooking on cast iron is awesome.
  4. Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Vacuum – $249.99: We’re big fans of Shark vacuums and we recently bought this one and it’s a game changer! It’s so lightweight and versatile and the fact that it’s cordless actually enables us to pick it up and take it anywhere for a quick clean. For anyone that has a lot of pet hair (or human hair :P) issues, this is a must buy. Plus it’s currently $20 cheaper than what we paid!
  5. Woven Nook cushion covers – Set of 4 – $39.95: I recently did a fun design post on Instagram using these cushions. This company has a modern minimalist design aesthetic for their products, and they are clean and simple so they work with many different design styles, from mid-century to elegant and classic. I will definitely be buying some of these for my home, just as soon as I narrow down which ones are my fave. Hard choice!
  6. Snake plant with mid-century pot – 39.99: This is a great all in one gift idea for anyone who wants to start having plants but needs an easy to care for plant or for someone who wants to add some color and dimension to their space. Snake plants do not require a lot of water and are pretty sturdy. We just got one and love the color and interest it adds to our living room.
  7. Moroccan pouf (unstuffed) – 62.00: We have this moroccan pouf in our nursery and we love it. This one comes unstuffed so you can save considerably on the cost. You can fill it with old towels, old linens or any kind of stuffing. It’s great for adding color or texture to a room, putting your feet on or for extra sitting.
  8. Pour over coffee/tea kettle – 25.99: This is the second kettle we’ve bought with this design. This type of kettle is meant for pour over coffees but we use it mostly for tea. The long spout gives you great control over the pour and the design reminds of Japan where they have a very cool coffee culture and they use these kettles a lot.
  9. Coffee grinder – 32.93: A must have for the coffee connoisseur. A good coffee grinder is essential to prepare fresh morning coffee. This is the exact grinder we have and Carlos takes less than 2 minutes to grind coffee beans every morning. I love the aroma that’s released when grinding coffee beans…mmmmm….
  10. Pour over coffee maker – 54.99: Are you a pour over coffee aficionado? We are! I love that a lot of the oils from the coffee remain in the liquid and it makes coffee taste “sweet” (depending on the beans of course). We have a Bodum electric pour over coffee maker that we love but it’s currently out of stock and this is the closest thing to it. Definitely worth it for coffee lovers!

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