Meet the CID team!

Hi Friends!

Time has flown by this year and I can’t believe we’re well into Summer season.  We’ve been working on some great projects this year with new and repeat clients and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing team members.

Many of you have had the opportunity to work with a few of our new designers this year and last, but we hadn’t had a chance to do a formal introduction, so here it is! Introducing our full team!  Since last fall, we are now a team of 5, including myself, two Jr. Designers, a Contract Designer (yes, 4 designers now!) and our Accounts and Purchasing Manager!

We value delivering a great client experience and growing the team over the last year has allowed us to deliver more creative designs at a timely manner, ensuring we’re always communicating with you and helping you execute your dream spaces that allow you to thrive at home!

Before we dive into team intros, I’d like to give a big thank you for those of you who have referred us over the last year.  Those referrals are invaluable and allow our team to be sustainable with new business.  Please tell your friends about us, it makes our day!  

Now onto Team Intros:

Meet the Team

Cristina Martinez, Founder and Lead Designer

Hi, I’m Cristina!  I’m originally from Puerto Rico (but am half Salvadorian), I grew up there until 11 years old and then moved to Virginia with my family.  I currently live in Herndon, VA with my husband, toddler, mother in law, brother in law and 2 mini schnauzer pups (yes it’s a full house and we like it that way!)

Interior design has been a lifelong passion since I was young.  Yes, I am that typical designer who redid her room in high school, even sewed my own duvet cover and pillows!  I appreciate creative and transformative interior design of any kind, but some of my favorite design styles that create amazing living spaces are modern boho, mid-century modern, and eclectic with a touch of glam.

Fun Facts about Cristina

Fave Design Styles:

Modern boho, mid-century modern, and eclectic with a touch of glam

Fave Rooms to Design:

Bedrooms & Dining Rooms

Designer Influences:

Kendall Simmons Interiors, Banner Day Interiors, House of Nomad Design

Fave Song/Music:

Anything danceable!  Salsa, reggaeton, 2000s R&B and more.

Fave Drink:

London Fogs, Pour Over coffee with oat milk, Margaritas

Fave Way to Spend Free Time:

Design might be my job but it’s also my hobby, so I’m always dreaming up spaces in my own home and seeking inspiration everywhere!  Also, a fan of the gym, yoga, netflix & podcasts.  Currently, I am polishing my French skills with Duolingo.

Catch Phrase:


Life Goals:

Own an AirBnb, live in Europe one day, a thriving business.  Lots of adventures with my family.

Katie Vanegas

Junior Designer

Hello! My name is Katie and I was born and raised in Maryland. I currently continue to reside in Maryland. I graduated from Marymount University in the spring of 2021 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. I always had a passion for arts and crafts, DIY, painting, and pretty much anything where I could be creative. My father also works for a designer as a contractor and seeing the amazing, innovative designs how he would build and transform spaces–I knew interior design was for me! 

I love interior design because being able to help transform one’s living space and bring people’s vision to life is one of the best feelings! My favorite interior design style(s) are Modern, Mid-century Modern, Contemporary, Eclectic, Boho, and Scandinavian (a little bit of everything!). One of my favorite rooms to design are bedrooms.

Fun Facts About Katie

Designer Influences:

Sami Riccioli 

Kiyonda Powell

Maison Trouvaille

Fave Song/Music:

I absolutely LOVE Bad Bunny! My favorite song is Dakiti by Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez. If you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommend you do!!

Fave Drink:

Iced Chai Latte with vanilla sweet cold foam from Starbucks is definitely my go-to day drink. Margaritas are my go-to night drink.(:

Fave Way to Spend Free Time:

I enjoy trying new food places, binge watch shows on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max, and spending time with my huge, crazy, loving family!

Catch Phrase:

“To infinity and beyond”

Life Goals:

I want to continue to grow my career in interior design, continue to expand my skills and knowledge. I love traveling and want to travel the world which fun fact, Greece is on the top of my bucket list! My overall life goal is to live a life with no regrets, explore, try new things, continue to grow, and hopefully one day I am able to give back to my family.

Amelia Leppert

Junior Designer

Hi, I’m Amelia and I was born in California and raised in San Diego. I currently live in Northern Virginia with my daughter, Kai. I am a recent undergraduate, getting a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Marymount University. I began my love for design focusing on Architecture, and quickly fell in love with all things interior design related. I love CIDs unique design style, passion, and personalized touch. 

I love interior design because it is my creative outlet and allows me to connect with people in a unique way. I love that design brings people together and that I can impact people’s living spaces and their environment with their loved ones. I also love that design holds different views, opinions, and appreciation. 

Fun Facts About Amelia:

Designer Influences:

 Cristina Isabel Design

Gavinho Architecture & Interiors

Robyn May Interiors

Social Soul Studio

Fave Current Artists:

 Jessie Murph, Maddie Zahm, Mumford & Sons, Lauren Spencer-Smith, Giant Rooks, NF

Fave Drink:

 Soda Water, Coffee, Matcha, Any Fruity Cocktail

Fave Way to Spend Free Time:

 With my daughter, Gym, Binging Hulu/Netflix Shows

Catch Phrase:

“You’re Burning Daylight”

Life Goals:

I want to have a career in Interior Design, and work in varying fields, perhaps opening up my own firm one day. I want to travel with my daughter, explore new places and open her eyes and mind to experiences. I want to live a life that is challenging, transforming, fulfilling–one that allows me to engage in hobbies and passions. A goal of mine is to buy my own home near the beach and renovate/design it. Although, living a life that is happy, loving, enjoyable and healthy sounds perfect. I don’t want to waste my DASH. See poem by Linda Ellis. 


Contract Interior Designer 

Hi, I’m Nicki and I was born and raised in England.  I currently live in Santiago, Chile.

I love interior design because I love anything that deals with the home and creating beautiful living spaces. I enjoy working with color, pattern and textiles. I have many favorite Interior Design Styles, including modern Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and modern glamour spaces. I love to design all rooms however some of my favorite rooms to design are bedrooms, children’s rooms and kitchens

Fun Facts About Nicki

Designer Influences:

Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Fave Song/Music:

Love the 80s music 

Depeche mode 

Tears for fears 


Fave Drink: 




Fave Way to Spend Free Time: 

Play tennis 

Go for a walk 

Go to a good restaurant  

Catch Phrase:


Life Goals:

To be successful in my Interior Design Business 

To live in Spain 

To enjoy my family and friends 

Nayrim Mercado

Purchasing and Accounting Manager

Hi, I’m Nayrim and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico.  I currently live in Virginia.

I love interior design because it transforms the spaces and people’s lives..My favorite interior design style(s) are Contemporary & Minimalist.  One of my favorite rooms to design are the living room and dining room.

Fun Facts About Nayrim

Designer Influences:

Jonathan & Drew Scott

Fave Song/Music:

Honestly/Soft rock & Jazz

Fave Drink:

Wine & Mojitos

Fave Way to Spend Free Time:

Relaxing on the beach 

Catch Phrase:

Love it!

Life Goals:

I want to own an AirBnB in PR. My hobbies are Zumba, Grandma’s life, Family time, Tiktok videos, cooking & baking desserts.


So that’s our team!  

We love our clients and would LOVE to help you bring your visions to life. For more insight into what we can create, check out our work gallery here showcasing a few of our projects.  We offer three tiers of services from e-design to full service so we can work in the best way for you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us – now we’d love to get to know and help you.  Contact us to chat about your next project!

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