You can also use this service for a personalized gallery wall.

Add On: surface Styling

You want a designer's touch when it comes to the details on your built-in shelves, dressers, coffee tables, etc.,  from vases, frames, art, decor pieces, coffee table books, plants (live or faux) and more, add this package to your Full Room, or New Home package to get the exact products and style guide for those areas.


Design Services/

virtual styling

Step 1: Add On
Add this service to your shopping cart when booking your E-Design service or add on anytime after.  We will follow the Design Direction determined for the room to source the accessories you need.

 Step 2: Concept Board and Product Review
We'll schedule a video call to review your concept and products which you will receive through your client portal. From there, we'll ask for feedback, opinions and additional questions to ensure that we're on the same page for your design vision.

Step 3: 2D+ Rendering
We'll add the accessories to your 2D+ rendering for the final design of your room. This will provide a great visual of how the design will look.   

Step 4: Final Tweaks  
You'll review the final design and if needed, we can make final edits up to 3 new products per room.  Once the design is finalized, we'll send the floor plan, set up instructions and a shopping list. 

How it works:




Post Design Support

Package includes 2 weeks to replace out of stock products and 30 day support for questions.