Video Reveal: Modern Master Bedroom Makeover and Bathroom Refresh

Hello everyone! We’re thrilled to share with you the Video Reveal of this modern master bedroom makeover and master bathroom refresh, part of the Colorful Modern MCM project!

Project Video Reveal

Client Profile

Service: Full Service Design

This busy family has 4 children and we’ve been working together on their home since 2021!  The master bedroom and bathroom were some of the last spaces we tackled in their home. 

They’ve been waiting YEARS to upgrade to their own adult sanctuary with a luxurious king bed, we’re so happy we could help them achieve their dream!

Once their master bedroom makeover was underway, they reached out and said “Our bathroom doesn’t need a remodel but it’s boring, could you help us?” Of course! 😁

At that point, we knew their style and preferences really well. They felt confident to let the CID team be creative with this master bathroom refresh and that they would love the modern and colorful results.


The master bedroom is pretty grand, which is both a great thing and a design challenge to fill the space purposely.  However, it gave us the opportunity to use large beautiful, and comfortable furniture pieces and to add a beautiful sitting area across from the bed with ample room. 

In terms of design, the family loves colorful modern design with mid-century modern touches, but in the bedroom, we decided to go a bit more monochromatic to create a serene space. 

We were thrilled when the idea for the black accent walls was approved, these are truly the focal points of the space and add such an impact! 

The overall color scheme is black, and white, with touches of gray and coral, it feels so balanced and beautiful!

In regards to the master bathroom, it was in very good shape but felt very bland, so we decided that we could transform it by adding a statement sage green, geometric wallpaper, a new countertop on the vanity, and brass accents throughout the space.

Check out the full master bathroom refresh design process.

Stay tuned for the full master bedroom makeover post, coming soon!


We love the master bedroom’s black statement walls, including the amazing wallpaper wall!  Also, the beautiful king master bed and nightstand are faves.

In the bathroom, the wallpaper is definitely the star of the show, followed by the beautiful brass fixtures and terracotta pots!

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