Gifts for Tech Lovers

Hi Friends! Carlos and I came up with 8 techie gifts that we have and love or that we want. Most of these were recommended by Carlos so I asked him to give me a fun description, which he has, see below :). Enjoy!

  1. Samsung 27” Curved Monitor – 219.99: This is the fancy new monitor I use for all my designs.  I have the silver version and it’s awesome.  It took some time for my eyes to adjust since curved monitors allow you to see things in different angles that you couldn’t see before, it gives you a more detailed view which is pretty awesome.  I highly recommend it.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch – 269.00: Carlos says – There’s a sporty one and a classic one, get the classic one because everyone thinks it’s a real watch when you look at it and the battery lasts all day and it’s great for keeping track of your steps and your runs, and it can map out your runs.  It’s just a very good watch to have, I recommend it and it charges wirelessly too.
  3. Nintendo Switch Lite – 199.98:  Carlos says – This is the latest version of the Switch and is lighter and more portable and cheaper than the original.  It’s great gift and comes in fun colors.
  4. ASUS 27” Curved Gaming Monitor – 317.99: Carlos says – It has RGB lighting, contoured (curved) design (and that’s sexy), amazing color saturation, prevents tearing when playing because the refresh rate is high and has V-Sync technology.
  5. 5 Device Bamboo Wireless Charging Station – 42.98: Carlos says – Wireless charge your sh*t with having to plug in and no more looking for cables under your bed.
  6. Samsung Wireless Headphones – 116.87: Carlos says: They’re trendy, they are lightweight and they allow me to go jogging and workout, they’re also work with any phone and they allow me to pretend that I can’t listen to people but the fact is that they have a feature that allows you to hear the outside world.
  7. Apple Air Pods – 134.00: This one is actually one that I use and I love these.  They were a gift I got earlier this year and there was a week when I thought I lost them and I was having withdrawal symptoms.  It’s hard to go back to regular headphones after these.
  8. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera – 79.34: Carlos says – This is a fun camera to take goofy pictures of your friends and have something to remember each other by.  It’s like immediate souvenirs.
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