The best time to use this service is during the Concept phase.  We will discuss whether additional revisions will be needed (after the two included revisions) and if so, will encourage you to book this add this package.

The cost is per round.  One round = 3-5 decor item swaps.  We'll submit the revised design through the online portal.  If you need another round of edits after that, you would purchase another Add On.

Note: Sometimes making too many edits can change the original design direction.  If you decide to go a completely new direction, we might need to start fresh and will create a custom hourly package for you.

Add On: Additional Revision

You are a visual person and benefit from seeing different options to make the best decision for yourself.  Add a revision to your package if you've gone through the design process but still feel like you'd like to see a another round of options.


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Additional Revision

Step 1: Add On
Add this service to your shopping cart when booking your E-Design service or add on anytime after if you need more than the two included revisions.  We will discuss the edits needed to the design and get to work on sourcing a few more products.  

 Step 2: Finish Design
We'll move forward to complete the design and final shopping list.

How it works: