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Hi friends!  Happy Friday!

I loved seeing all the responses to our post about our new blue wall in our sitting room!  It’s my one my favorite spots in the house now and today I’m talking about how the look together and how you can Get the Look.

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Details of our space

Sideboard: The sideboard is the first piece we bought for this wall, I was looking for one for a while and came upon the perfect one at an unbelievable price at Homegoods.  Once we had the sideboard, it took me a while to figure out what else the space needed.  Adding the round mirror was a happy accident.  In fact, this mirror used to sit in our master bedroom which I replaced with the amazing West Elm one I found on Facebook Marketplace, so I brought this one down to stage it here to take a good picture and sell it online – but once I put it there, I was like OMG how did it never occur to me, this space NEEDS a mirror.  And the rose gold color of the mirror plays really well with the warm wood tones, so yay for happy accidents.

Paint: Once we painted the wall blue (we chose Tidal by Behr Marquee), it was like everything made sense with this wall and adding simple accessories finished the look.  In fact, I was struggling in this space because I had too many things before, so I had to edit myself and try a few things on here to see what looked best.

Art: I had the painting on there already, I made this one on New Year’s Day 2019 as part of a fun painting with friends activity at home.  It’s a new tradition for us, especially since our New Year’s Eve are more mellow now (parent life). 

White vase: We found the white vase in an estate sale.  Ok let me talk about this for a sec.  I always thought estate sales were not for us, like I just had this idea that it was like old stuff, I don’t know.  But we spontaneously stopped at one and it happened to be a house selling for $7 million!!  It was like a playground, we were like, wait we can go inside and look around and spy on everything??  So we ran around like kids and then picked up this vase for $40 because it was the only thing we could afford (along with two little elephants for our nursery).  Also, side note – did you know companies that manage estate sales resell items that don’t sell in one home and take them to other homes?  We had noticed that there were some random items that didn’t match the very expensive aesthetic of the home and it’s because those were added for the sale.  But whatever, it was a fun experience and we walked away with those cute items.

Small vase: The small vase we got for free.  My grandma used to have a shop in Puerto Rico and they imported things from Central and South America.  I’ll be sharing a story on this more later on.

And that’s it – dreamy isn’t it??

Get the Look

I looked for similar sideboards and found some really similar ones!! Yay!  In terms of budget, the top two are on the higher end and the bottom two are on the lower end (including the one from World Market on the bottom right which is on super sale!).  These are so beautiful, I was almost like I want these but hello I already have it LOL.

Get the Look: Wood Textured Sideboards

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Click on the links to shop.

High end

One: These sideboard from Wayfair is so good.  In terms of color and texture, it’s probably the closest to the one we have, it’s yummy.

Two: This one is from Article and has more modern lines and a cleaner look, I’m a fan!

Low end

Three: This one is a great price from Wayfair and it’s also very similar to ours.  It’s currently out of stock but will be back in stock on Feb. 1!

Four: This World Market one is on major sale right now!!  This was one of the ones I considered for our home for a long time, I’ve seen it in a lot of homes and it looks great.

Get the Look: Sideboard Accessories

Click on the links to shop.

Top Look Details:

  • Paint: This is the color we used on our wall. Tidal by Behr Marquee in Flat/Matte.  It’s a great deep blue but it’s not too dark, in fact in the daytime, it looks almost like a classic blue color and at night it looks more like navy.
  • Mirror: I like that this is a twist on a gold round mirror, it would definitely play well with the texture of the sideboard and gives you a unique look.
  • Art: I love the rich blue tones that are broken up by the gold color in this art.
  • White Vase: I WANT this vase from West Elm.  There’s something so yummy to me in architectural and geometric accessories like these, they add a lot of visual interest to a space.
  • Black Vase: I love that Amazon has so many good options now for the home.  This case has like a rustic vibe but it’s still modern.

Bottom Look Details:

  • Paint: I wanted to offer an option for paint from Clare, this company simplifies the painting process and you can order everything through their site online, so no having to go to the hardware store to look through hundreds of paint samples and wait in line, they do it all for you.
  • Mirror: Can’t ever go wrong with a round gold mirror and this one is a great price.
  • Art: Very similar to the one I made and the colors will pop against a blue background (or any fun colored wall).
  • White Vase: I love the lines on this one and it’s a great price.
  • Black Vase : Simple, matte, clean, you could add flowers or fake branches to make this pop or keep it as is for a simpler look.

What do you think?  Want to see more Get the look? Let me know on Instagram or Facebook.  Happy Friday!

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  1. Liz says:

    Love this look! I’m going to have to share! I love how you break it down and show people how to pair things together!

  2. Cristina Martinez says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Liz! I love sharing design tips, as it can be totally doable to put together a beautiful space in your home! #justtryit

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