Just for Fun Fridays: Our new coffee table, planters, and more…

Hi Friends! Happy Friday. For today’s Just for Fun Fridays post, I’m talking about 5 little somethings including our new coffee table, planters I’m eyeing, setting 2020 goals, Brene Brown’s Netflix special and some fun virtual rooms I’ve been working on…

Something I’m excited about: Our new coffee table! It’s so good! Recently, I was trying to decide between two rugs and two coffee tables and two groups of cushions and you guys helped me out on Instagram and Facebook – thanks!. Funny story though, I was so convinced I was getting a blue rug and on Black Friday I was ready to go, but the blue rug was sold out, so then I bought a darker blue rug and then on Sunday I was staring at my living room (like any normal person does LOL), and I was like no the dark blue rug is going to absorb light and make the space look darker. So I drove Carlos crazy until he agreed and then we bought the white and black striped rug! Anyways back to the coffee table, we were deciding between the West Elm one and this duplicate one from Hayneedle and we decided on the duplicate! Why? It’s made with real wood and we didn’t mind that it doesn’t come with real marble (hello budget!). We got it on Tuesday and it was easy to put together and it’s so pretty and did I mention it has a top that lifts for easy eating or working on your computer??! We also got the pillows and we picked the colorful ones! Yay, can’t wait to show you and I can’t wait to inject more color into our living room!

Something I’m eyeing: Planters! Remember how I’ve talked about how I slowly want to become a plant lady. Well I am eyeing planters for our living room and I found the cutest modern ones recently on Amazon. Check them out and if you feel compelled, like me, you can purchase directly through these links.

Something that makes me happy: Setting goals! It’s almost 2020! A whole new decade! One of the things I love doing in December is setting goals for the new year, anyone else do this too? I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to be more productive, not because I’m Type A, but the opposite because I’m Type ADD (hehe). Recently, I’ve been trying the Pomodoro Method to work quickly and also bought this Productivity planner which makes planning my day more realistic since time management is not my forte (I’m a pisces dreamer lol).

Something that I’m reading: Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead. I also just watched her Netflix Special on the same topic, “The Call to Courage,” have you guys seen it? It is awesome. Starting a business is seriously challenging, even if you love what you do and that self-doubt creeps in and can be scary. On Saturday night, I sat down to watch her show and it was exactly what I needed to hear! I literally rewound parts of it so my husband could watch with me. The biggest takeaway: I’ve been brave! She tells a story about her daughter being brave at a swim meet and the goal was just to be brave by doing something she knew was scary. And I realized, I’m being so brave, I’m working hard to hustle and put things out there in the world, some work out better than I thought and some not so much but in the end, I’ve been so brave and there’s something so absolutely encouraging in that fact.

Something I created: I’ve been working on some pretty rooms behind the scenes. Here’s a sneak peak and I’ve added the others to my portfolio on my site, check them out!! Does one of these call out to you? Let me know on Instagram or Facebook!

yellow and black modern living room

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your weekend!

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