Just for Fun Fridays: The Best Interior Design Shows on Netflix

Love HGTV?  Then you’ll love these!

I’ve watched a lot more TV than usual lately because of our lovely addition to our family, baby J and in the past several months I’ve discovered some truly addicting Interior Design shows on Netflix that rival the best HGTV shows.  Here are the best in order of preference, make sure to check them out if you like me, are an HGTV lover.

  1. Interior Design Masters – This was just pure design fun.  They put a group of designers on a different challenge each episode and they had to work together to make over a model home or storefront or restaurant or a hotel.  Their styles were wildly different and there was always a theme where they would have to bend their styles some to fit the theme while others refuse to give up their signature style.  I really enjoyed this one and was so surprised with the actual winner of the show.  Also, this show is based in Britain and couldn’t stop repeating all the very British words like “chuffed,” “gutted” and “bespoke.”
  2. The Great Interior Design Challenge – This one started out feeling a little cheesy and old fashioned but got better and better as it went along. The first episode was a makeover of cottages so they went very country and it felt very old fashioned.  Anyways, it got better and I got hooked.  One of my favorite episodes even had an epic Austin Powers living room makeover!  This one also has great British words to learn.  And one of my favorite parts was the host who was an architectural historian and would talk about the history of the different locations, they did apartments inside castles and 400 year old homes!
  3. Styling Hollywood – This show was 100%!  The name is deceiving, I actually wouldn’t had normally clicked on it if I hadn’t run out of interior design shows to watch LOL.  This is the duo from JSN studio in Los Angeles that does both interior design and styling of celebrities (usually for award shows or cover shoots).  There was just enough drama but also sweet real life moments that you could relate to and of course, there is insight into running a small company working with a-list celebrities both on the styling and interior design front.  I was hooked and was so sad there is only one season.
  4. Stay Here – This show is design meets Air BnB.  Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer show property owners how they can turn their rentals into moneymaking showstoppers. The episodes highlight different types of AirBnb type homes from a houseboat in Seattle to vacation rental to a historic firehouse in Washington, D.C.  It was great to learn from especially if you ever wanted to have your own AirBnb type property.
  5. Instant Hotel – Hubby and I were obsessed with this show.  I think mostly because it was based in Australia and gave us a glimpse into a new culture but also because it had quirky characters and also because the premise of the show was just fun that we could see ourselves doing something like that one day.  The premise is that a group of people take turns staying in each other’s Instant Hotels (which are just their homes that they rent out like Air BnB).  Each home has unique elements that make them stand out but each are judged on different criteria.  It’s a fun show to watch, especially the second season.
  6. The Apartment – This show is umm very unique and cheesy, but WE COULD NOT STOP WATCHING.  The first season is based in Malaysia and has contestants that can win a mortgage/rent-free life by winning a beautiful house.  Most of the contestants were from Singapore but seemed pretty international, some had lived in New York and the judges were around the world too.  The judging was WAYYY more dramatic than it needed to be, in fact some of the contestants cried during the judging but towards the second half of the show, the design elements get really good and sweet emotional perspective comes in and we were so happy with the winners.  NOTE: The second season however, with the D-List celebrities is absolutely a love it/hate it show, we were so mad at it that we stopped watching and then started again and then again like the first season, it got good at the end and ended on a very nice high note. 
  7. Queer Eye – This is definitely not last on my list, but it’s not strictly a design show, but I had to add it because this show is life changing!  It was my therapy while spending time with an up all night newborn baby lol.  If you haven’t seen it, you might have been under a rock, it’s ok, forgive yourself and go watch it now.  Aside from incredible home makeovers on a budget, the Fab 5 handles culture (which is usually like therapy), food, clothes and hair makeovers.

What are your favorite interior design shows on Netflix?  What about on HGTV – is anyone watching Rock the Block?

What are other shows in general you would recommend, I’m ready to add to my list!!  Other top notch ones not related to design are Boys and the Marvelous Ms. Maisel on Amazon Prime!

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